Young Artist Competition

The Gig Harbor Young Artist Competition is designed to encourage piano students to strive for excellence in both their practice and performance. Our goal is also to foster a "healthy competition environment" where students can learn the value of giving their best, while at the same time learn to "cheer each other on" as a team. ("We're in this together!" versus "Me against you.") We trust this opportunity will promote high levels of both camaraderie and excellence in the Gig Harbor piano community! Family and friends are welcome to come listen.

Congratulations to all the fine students who participated in this year's event, and special congrats to the following winners of the 2017 competition:
INTERMEDIATE: 1st - Teresa Sullivan (Luebeck) / 2nd - Faith Stock (Rees) / 3rd - Joshua Paik (Holdych) / HM - Eliana Parks (Joe) - Chloe Bowyer (Joe)
JUNIOR: 1st - Christina Sullivan (Luebeck) / 2nd - Josiah Mellot (Rogers) / 3rd - Julia Fisher (Long) / HM - Irvin Yi (Stambuk) - Noah Sheldon (Luebeck) - James Le (Rogers)
SENIOR: 1st - Daniella Wren (Rees) / 2nd - Rachel King (Stambuk) / 3rd - Abraham Sullivan (Luebeck)


DATE:  Saturday, April 29, 2017
DIVISION TIMES: Intermediate, 2:00 / Junior, 3:15 / Senior, 4:35
LOCATION:  Agnus Dei Lutheran Church
ONLINE REGISTRATION: Now closed (March 1-31, 2017)
COST:  $5/10 (non-refundable; see below)
JUDGES:  Yuliya Minina & Michael P. Seregrow (see bio's below)
CONTACT:  Craig Walstead (Parents/Students: please contact your teacher with questions)

2017 Event Details & Rules: (Read VERY carefully)
For students ages 11-19 (on June 1, 2017). Enter the appropriate division based on what your age will be on June 1, 2017.

There are 3 divisions: Intermediate (ages 11-13), Junior (14-16), Senior (17-19)
1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be awarded in each division as follows:
- Intermediate: $100 / $75 / $50
- Junior: $125 / $100 / $75
- Senior: $200 / $150 / $100
Entry Fees: $5 for Intermediate Students / $10 for Junior & Senior Students -- due to your teacher by March 31. Make checks out to your teacher. Please note that there are no refunds for cancellations. All entry fees go directly toward the scholarship prizes and costs to run the competition.

Other Details:
- Students perform 1 piece, fully memorized. (No time limit, although we encourage students to keep their piece to 5 minutes.) Piece may not be changed after March 31.
- One copy of music must be presented to the judges. (Lack of music will disqualify a student.) No photocopies allowed. Remove or cover both students' and teachers' names on the music.
- Arrive promptly 20 minutes before your division is scheduled to begin.
- Students are highly encouraged (but not required) to stay until the end of their division. Winners will be announced and awards given at the end of each division.
- Our of fairness to all, students are not allowed to practice and "warm up" at the recital location on the day of the competition.
- Students should dress nicely for the competition and are expected to bow before and after their piece. 

About the Judges...

Yuliya Minina
is a Ukrainian-born pianist, teacher, soloist, and collaborative performer. She started her music education at the age of five in Odessa, Ukraine, where she graduated from the Odessa Music Academy. She moved to the United States to study in the master’s of fine arts program at the University of California, Irvine, and later completed her doctorate in music arts at the University of Washington. Her teachers include Craig Sheppard (University of Washington), Nina Skolnik (University of California, Irvine), Tatiana Shevchenko (Odessa Music Academy), and Eleonora Levinzon (Stolyarsky School).
Dr. Minina works as an adjunct piano faculty and a staff accompanist at Seattle Pacific, as well as a piano instructor at her home studio. She has conducted master classes at the University of Missouri, Columbia, and at Centro de Artes Musicales in Tijuana, Mexico. She has worked as a pianist at Northwest Opera in Schools, an opera outreach organization. She was also a rehearsal pianist for the Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan Society. Dr. Minina is an active performer. She has played solo and with chamber groups in the Ukraine, Czech Republic, Mexico, and the United States. Dr. Minina has recently toured with Baja California Orchestra and performed as a soloist with Philharmonia Northwest. She and a Mexican-Ukrainian cellist, Zhenia (Jenia) Kobylyanska, have formed a piano-cello duo, giving recitals in Seattle and in Tijuana and Monterrey (Mexico).

Michael Seregow is a native of the Pacific Northwest and enjoys a multifaceted career as a teacher, performer, and scholar. He joins the faculty at the University of Puget Sound for the 2016-17 academic year. Prior to this he taught at the University of Oregon, where he was invited to serve as a sabbatical replacement for three members of the piano faculty.

Dr. Seregow earned a D.M.A. in piano performance with supporting studies in piano pedagogy from the University of Oregon. He was twice awarded Outstanding Graduate Performer in Keyboard as well as Outstanding Graduate Performer in Music in addition to receiving Graduate Teaching Fellowships in Piano Pedagogy, Collaborative Piano, and Opera Accompanying. Seregow has won numerous competitions, including the University of Oregon Concerto Competition, the Oregon Music Teachers Association Young Artist Piano Competition, and the Vernon L. Wiscarson Concerto Competition. A member of the Music Teachers National Association, the Washington State Music Teachers Association, and the American Liszt Society, Dr. Seregow is regularly invited as a lecturer and adjudicator throughout the Pacific Northwest. His students have been prizewinners in local and national competitions.

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized in the 2015 Competition:
- Intermediate Division: Athena Bauer, 1st (Hayes); Christina Sullivan, 2nd (Luebeck); Irvin Yi, 3rd (Joe); Honorable Mention #1, Hannah King (Rogers), HM #2, Emma Anderson (Hayes)
- Junior Division: Abraham Sulivan, 1st (Luebeck); Rachel King, 2nd (Rogers); Daniella Wren, 3rd (Hampton); HM, Calysta Bauer (Hayes) 
- Senior Division: Caleb Armstrong, 1st (Rogers); Chris Jendrey, 2nd (Rogers); Margaret Eddy, 3rd (Rogers)
*36 students competed, representing 10 studios.