Members with an asterisk * are currently accepting students.
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Teachers are piano instructors unless otherwise noted.
 Ron Bechtel *  Gig Harbor/Tacoma  Piano & Organ
 Ann Marie Carlson   Gig Harbor  
 Sally Casey *  Gig Harbor  
 Margaret Eddy  Port Orchard
 Suzanne Gillman  Gig Harbor
 NCTM/WSMTA Certified Teacher (National & State)
 Heidi Glastetter-Barker * Gig Harbor 
 Katie Hastings *  Olalla   
 Sarah Hoenig Port Orchard 
 Tien-Li Holdych  Gig Harbor 
 Rosalia Hubbard Port Orchard/Mullenix 
 Kaity Cassio Igari  Tacoma  
 Patti Jamieson   Gig Harbor  
 Isabella Jie * Gig Harbor 
 Kimberley Joe  Gig Harbor 
 Annette Kebsch *  Gig Harbor  Piano, Violin, Viola
 Nanette   Gig Harbor  
 Dorothy Leyden  University Place  Accredited in both piano and voice
 Coni Liljengren   Gig Harbor  Piano, Accompanying
 Linda Long  Gig Harbor  Piano, Guitar
 Susan Luebeck  Gig Harbor  MTNA Certified Teacher
 Bonnie Rees Gig Harbor 
 Chris Rogers   Port Orchard/Mullenix  Piano (age 14 and up, upper intermediate level and above)
 Julie Spargo Gig Harbor Piano, Voice
 Tanya Stambuk Gig Harbor 
 Kassia Thompson Gig Harbor 
 Craig Walstead * Gig Harbor
 In-home piano lessons
 Luke Walstead * Gig Harbor Guitar
 Robin Watson Tacoma 
 Bonnie Western *
 Gig Harbor
 Marvin Western * Gig Harbor  Clarinet, Saxophone
 Tarra Winslow  Gig Harbor 
 Marian Wisham   Gig Harbor  WSMTA Certified Teacher (State)