Members with an asterisk * are currently accepting students.
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Teachers are piano instructors unless otherwise noted.
 Ron Bechtel *  Gig Harbor/Tacoma  Piano & Organ
 Ann Marie Carlson   Gig Harbor  
 Sally Casey *  Gig Harbor  
 Margaret Eddy  Port Orchard
 Suzanne Gillman  Gig Harbor
 NCTM/WSMTA Certified Teacher (National & State)
 Katie Hastings *  Olalla   
 Tien-Li Holdych  Gig Harbor 
 Rosalia Hubbard Port Orchard/Mullenix 
 Kaity Cassio Igari *  Tacoma  
 Patti Jamieson   Gig Harbor  
 Kimberley Joe  Gig Harbor 
 Annette Kebsch *  Gig Harbor  Piano, Violin, Viola
 Nanette   Gig Harbor  
 Dorothy Leyden  University Place  Accredited in both piano and voice
 Coni Liljengren   Gig Harbor  Piano, Accompanying
 Linda Long *  Gig Harbor  Piano, Guitar
 Susan Luebeck  Gig Harbor  MTNA Certified Teacher
 Bonnie Rees * Gig Harbor 
 Chris Rogers   Port Orchard/Mullenix  Piano (age 14 and up, upper intermediate level and above)
 Julie Spargo Gig Harbor Piano, Voice
 Tanya Stambuk Gig Harbor 
 Kassia Thompson Gig Harbor 
 Craig Walstead * Gig Harbor
 In-home piano lessons
 Luke Walstead * Gig Harbor Guitar
 Robin Watson Tacoma 
 Bonnie Western *
 Gig Harbor
 Marvin Western * Gig Harbor  Clarinet, Saxophone
 Christian Winslow 
 Gig Harbor 
 Tarra Winslow  Gig Harbor 
 Marian Wisham   Gig Harbor  WSMTA Certified Teacher (State)